The mission of the Asian Union Club is to promote and strengthen the awareness of Asian cultures to the Vistula University. Our club helps students create and achieve their goals for a better and successful TOMORROW The Asian Club is the largest regional club in Vistula University, with over 45 members. We look forward to seeing you in the coming year, and welcome your suggestions for any activities you hope to see from the Asian Union Club!

Mongolia has a rich culture
Mongolia has a rich culture
We are big family
We are big family

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Emomali Mahmud
The coordinator of Asian Union Club

Akbota Ibatova 
Program Committee and Special Events

Yerkezhan Saltabekova
Communications Committee

Sadik Erol
Deputy of Coordinator

Yershat Kumar
Kazakhstan Representative

Nurseiit Muratov
Kyrgyzstan Representative

Akmaral Zhumayeva

Zoirzhon Sharopov
Tajikistan Representative

Mukhammadyusuf Qosimov
Uzbekistan Representative

Javidan Ahmadli
Azerbaijan Representative