Music Club


“Music is the food for the soul.”
Don’t let your souls starve!

Are you interested in playing any kind of instruments? Do you think you’re capable of singing? Do you want to meet different cultures and participate in choruses, orchestras and communities which are built and organized by students? We’ll be pleased to see you among us and welcome you to our newly founded Music Club. Colors of Music Club was opened in October 15th 2015/2016 under Vistula University.

The Goals and Mission

There’s a famous saying in Turkish: “Music is the food for the soul”. And our purposes are based on feeding our souls with the expressions and emotions channelizing through notes, and help relieving stress and exhaustion caused by the burden of our daily lives and places we live which contains neither art nor beauty, but comfort.
The language of music is international. And we’re decided to enhance our vocabulary in that language.
We plan hold concerts including the songs of an international chorus and an orchestra of instruments which plays local music with different equipment.
We may consider attending musical and artistic activities throughout Poland and Europe.
We hope that we can build a community which has members who are keen on talking and sharing ideas about music and who are eager to gather people around the dazzling and mystic world of music.
And we’re open for ideas on spreading music, besides, inner peace and mutual understanding into people’s lives.
With affection and love…

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.