Simulator Club

Simulator Club is the new club derived from Flight Simulator Club. It is not a gaming club, as it appears for the first time. Simulator club is connecting young and enthusiastic students, who seek to learn how to control and fly with latest aircrafts. It has all the equipment to maximize realism of flight and helps you to feel yourself as a real pilot.

Simulator Club will contain also Driving Simulator which allows have sharp feelings and emotions. It will contain Truck Simulations and Farm simulation and other driving software.

Mission of the club

  • Engage students to master their piloting and driving skills.
  • Special program that includes Private Piloting, Commercial Piloting
  • Ability to fly on Cessna 172 aircraft and other commercial aircrafts
  • To practice piloting skills on the latest equipment with maximum realism
  • Learning on various simulations like FSX,Truck Simulator, Farm Simulator.


  • First open lesson CESSNA 172 – PPL
  • Movie Time – Aviation
  • Goldwings Academy Visit
  • Spotting on Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • Team Building with members

More details will be posted later! please come back to check again.