About Us

The Social Club has been established in November 2013.

We are an informal student-driven organization of the Vistula University, which brings together students – volunteers of essay writers different nationalities, religions and worldviews, ready to devote themselves to charity activity and social work pursued on the behalf of the University.

Benefits for its members: 

  • acquisition of experience in social life

  • acquisition and development of a sense of brotherhood and solidarity between students

  • development of intellectual and interaction skills

Main purposes: 

The main purpose of our Club, expressing in the simplest language is the involvement of students in social and charity activities.

  • to provide a care for dependent elderly and disabled people (with the direct support and assistance of VU students);

  • to organize and manage the different forms of social activities (we can organize movie nights, brain ring or essay writer chess tournament and other intellectual competitions and/or interaction games, like charades, taboo or Mafia.

  • to organize meetings with popular Polish social activists etc.

So, we must try to think of some social activities that will be helpful in encouragement of the University students community to become active, make them feel happy and sociable in the course of their study at the Vistula University.nefits for its members:

There are no upcoming events at this time.