International Student Organizations play a huge role in internationalizing Vistula University

and the out-of- class experiences for all students. The organizations help create an inclusive

and globally diverse environment at the University.

• Student Societies are united around common interest;

• Their purposes are: to develop the talents; to share the problems and seek solutions

together; to contribute to social life of members; to have good time; to promote

diversity within university by planning various interactive events; to establish long

term cooperations with other societies and organizations so that they all together

benefit social life in Vistula University and learn from each other.

Student Societies Are Not Required to Seek Recognition

Student societies, academic unions, course/program unions, affiliates of student societies are

not required to seek recognition. However, many of these groups choose to apply for


Recognition by the Vistula University affords groups the following privileges:

  •  Only officially recognized campus groups may use "Vistula University" in the name

of the organization.

  •  Use of University facilities and meeting spaces at a lower cost or at no cost.
  •  Access to group email accounts, listservs, portal space and other services.

Recognition as a “campus group” is a privilege based upon observance of certain procedures

and acceptance of certain responsibilities. It follows that this privilege can be withdrawn if

these procedures are neglected or responsibilities abrogated by the organization or group.

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