The Club’s aim is to work accordingly to general rules and principles of Education Ministry of Poland, to educate students of the university love to their motherland, ethics and aesthetics, to appreciate virtues of human beings, to grow them up with the feeling of responsibility, and to become active in social life. Also, the goal of the Club is to help students:

  • Value their abilities, use them appropriately in the society;
  • Achieve to work productively according to plans;
  • Succeed in working individually;
  • Keep balance and harmony in new events and situations;
  • Gain self-confidence;
  • Spend free time for useful activities;
  • Learn to listen to other’s opinions carefully and patiently;
  • Be able to deliver one’s views and opinions to the people around;
  • Accept other people’s ideas, notions and understanding in tolerance;
  • Be get used to team-working;
  • Establish dialogues with students outside the university;
  • Keep in touch with parents and officials;
  • Be in favor of solving problems, offering an aid around individually and with team.

The Goals:

  • Join teaching the Turkish language to other various services and businesses at University;
  • Provide members of the Club to practice new language;
  • Teach them Turkish poems and plays;
  • Pass eagerness of learning the Turkish language to students with the help of conferences and seminars out and inside of the University;
  • Share cultures organizing cultural exhibitions, allow to have opportunity to introduce cultures to each other’s;
  • Create sympathy for the Turkish language, arranging competitions at composing poems, essays and songs.


Turkish Cultural Club was opened in February 20th, 2015, under Vistula University, with its cultural and academicals activities at the aim to encourage moral and personal attitude of students, to help them get acquaintance of awareness among the community at university, to keep alive the Turkish language, to offer a help to correct writing, listening and speaking of the language and to spread a beautiful Turkish language.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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